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Friday, December 10, 2010

deep and dark December

Its not the dead of winter yet but its grey and wet and yuck I hate winter.
My Mom broke her hip and fell or fell and broke her hip, I'm not sure.
Just got back from seeing her and wondered then if it would be the last time.
She knew me. She has pictures of me all over her room.
Most of my life I didn't think she was capable of loving me and I sure didn't think I could ever love her but these last several years have shown me I can love her today for who she is today. Now, she is still my Mom but the dementia has her a bit nicer than before, less bite. Wonder why I don't get here often anymore? meetings, Travel, work, school, church--its all a bit much right now but tis the season, eh?


Blogger johno said...

I try and live thesedays so as not leave myself with regrets...

I pray for those nearest and dearest i have resentments for through gritted teeth. I change.

If i hadnt prayed ev day for a very long time and whenever i need nowaday for my fathers nearest and dearest... I would not have the best relatuonship i have ever had with my dad that i do.

Its really hard one with family, especially when parents are no longer acting as if they are parents...

With ya hun... Hope u find a solution its a tough one.
Hug xx

6:52 PM EST  
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